[maplab-users] Installing and configuring maplab

Djamel Toudert toudert at uabc.mx
Fri Jun 25 18:30:04 EDT 2004

I apreciate any help to resolve this probleme with maplab:
I am installing maplab the first time in Linux Mondrake 9.2, I have
Mapserver working fine.
After the instalation (With the linux maplab guide), all things seem to
be ok, but when I try to acces maplab/htdocs, I guet nothing in the
browser (I guet only the dmsolution image link). The same thing happened
with maplab/htdoc/index.phtml and info.phtml, absolulty nothing in the
browser. Manually, I make all changes to the values in the XML files
(maplab.xml, mapedit.xml, gmapfactory.xml) whith no success to guet
something looking maplab.
Thanks lots for your help.
Djamel Toudert 
Investigador del Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales 
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California 
Ed. Posgrado e Investigaciones. S/N 
BLVD. Benito Juárez. Mexicali. Baja California. 
Tel:(686)-566-29-85 EXT: 131. FAX: EXT:105 
Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales 
P.O.BOX 3280 
Calexico, CA 92232-1426 USA 
toudert at uabc.mx 
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