[maplab-users] query on map file with too much raster data

Aldo Tocchio a.tocchio at arpa.piemonte.it
Fri Nov 5 08:37:24 EST 2004

Hi at all,

I created a map file with some ovf connections, 2 vector datasets end 
~30 raster image (topographical map 1:10000).
MapLab is really good to use them, and it is also fast. but if I try to 
query some "ovf" features it spends a lot of time because there are the 
30 raster image. How can i say to maplab to query only features I want?
I have a second question: i would like to learn more and custumize my 
application, what is the better way? I know vb, avenue, I followed 
maplab , php , mysql tutorials. but I have great troubles to understand 
custumize mapserver application (query, commands ecc) do you have some 
suggetions? thanks a lot!!!!

Aldo Tocchio
A.R.P.A. Piemonte
Dipartimento Biella
via Trento, 11
13900 Biella (BI)
tel. 015-35813145 - fax 015-35813181
email: a.tocchio at arpa.piemonte.it

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