[maplab-users] maplab-2.2 install

tatel at euskalnet.net tatel at euskalnet.net
Tue Nov 23 07:44:44 EST 2004

Hi list,

This is my first post. I'm trying to install maplab-2.2 on a Debian
Woody box. I tried twice, following INSTALL-LINUX.TXT, but I'm getting
"Internal server errors". It seems that .phtml files need execution
perms? After doing find . -name '*.phtml' -exec chmod u+x {} \; these
internal errors are missing... but maybe there is a mistake somewhere on
my install.

1) untarred maplab-2.2.tar.gz on /~my/public_html as normal user (me)
2) cd /~my/public_html/maplab2.2
3) su 
4) chown -R me.www-data data  (www-data is apache user, of course)
5) chown me.www-data projects
6) cd config
7) chown me.www-data maplab.xml mapbrowse.xml mapedit.xml gmapfactory.xml
9) chmod -R g+w ../data
10) chmod g+w ../projects
11) chmod g+w maplab.xml mapbrowse.xml mapedit.xml gmapfactory.xml

12) Pointing web browser to
http://localhost/~me/maplab2.2/maplab/htdocs/ gives me a 404 error
because a) it's no maplab2.2 but maplab-2.2 and b) directory /maplab/
does not exist.

13) Pointing web browser to http://localhost/~me/maplab-2.2/htdocs/ I
get the maplab index page, but only toolbar is displayed, because
appframeset.phtml has not execution permission. (Internal server error)

14) Clicking "Open XML configuration tool" icon gives me another server
error, because edit_xml_frameset.phtml has not execution permission, so
I changed all .phtml files permissions to execute them.

So questions are:

a) What directory would you recommend to install maplab? I guess this
would means to add an Alias in httpd.conf if not under /var/www or

b) It's OK to install maplab as root?

c) Do I need to give execution permissions for all .phtml files really?.
I wonder why these come without it. 

d) May be SuEXEC is involved? I guess yes because apache can execute
.phtml files even if they have only user execution permission. But I
have not any VirtualHost directive... (I think)

Best regards,


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