[maplab-users] Re: maplab-2.2 install

tatel at euskalnet.net tatel at euskalnet.net
Wed Nov 24 12:45:50 EST 2004

Hi Zak, Paul

Thank you very much for your answers. However, I can't get maplab
working yet. I guess this is a php-apache question? Now all I get are
blank windows and forbidden access messages from apache.

> > c) Do I need to give execution permissions for all .phtml files 
> really?.
> > I wonder why these come without it.
> No. If that's a requirement to get your php installation to process 
> the 
> files, you need to look at your httpd.conf file and fix your php 
> configuration. http://php.net will have information on this.
> That shouldn't be necessary.

I did it. It does not helped me because I'm not able to see a way to get
it working whitout using virtual host directives

> Is your php installation from a package manager or did you compile 
> it 
> yourself)

I compiled it myself. These are my configure options

./configure --enable-discard-path --with-pgsql=/usr/local/pgsql
--with-regex=system --with-gd --with-ttf --enable-gd-native-ttf

PHP parser is /usr/local/bin/php. Note I don't use
--enable-force-cgi-redirect because I was not able to get it working.

I followed Pookey's instructions in order to not need shebangs by using
binfmt-support. .php & .phtml files were handled by adding them to the
AddHandler cgi-scrip directive in httpd.conf. It worked quite well with
mapserver, but seems not to be the right thing with maplab

Best regards,


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