[maplab-users] Error http 403

Alfredo Pereira de Queiroz aqueiroz at usp.br
Sat Nov 27 09:34:53 EST 2004

Maplab is working fine, (http://www.geografia.fflch.usp.br/msapps/maplab-2.0rc2/projects/gmf_apps/mapoteca/mapoteca.phtml) but I cannot open htdocs anymore. Always get error http 403 (not autorized). I closed "the door" (restrict permitions) two years ago, and forgot where (shame...). 
I already try to change permitions: php directory and files, maplab (htdocs, data, projects, gmf_projects). Microsoft Managment console e change permitions.
Any hint? 
maplab2.0-rc2, php 4.2.3, IIS, NT4.0
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