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William Bronsema wbronsema at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Oct 20 07:51:33 EDT 2004

Hi Isaac,


To add the capability to pan northeast/northwest etc. you need to edit
either your application.php & application_contents.php files (where
"application is the name of your application") or to make this a permanent
addition edit ./htdocs/gmapfactory/templates/app_php_file.php and
./htdocs/gmapfactory/build_phtml.php files and make changes similar to the


1)       Edit the interface to include controls for the new directions.
This will be added to either the build_phtml.php file around line 574 or to
the application_contents.php file.

2)       Edit the processing files to handle the pan.  This will be done in
two steps:

i)                     Edit the app_php_file.php file around line 101 to
check the url for the new pan commands.  



if ( strlen( trim( $http_form_vars["Pan_NorthEast_x"] ) ) > 0 )


                  // check mode and set appropriate vars

                  if ( $http_form_vars['RosaMode'] == 1 )

                              $http_form_vars["INPUT_COORD"] = "0,0";


                              $http_form_vars[ "mainmap_x" ] = "0";


                  // set the command

                  $http_form_vars["ROSA_CMD"] = "PAN_NE";



ii)                   Edit the checkNavigation function to perform the pan
(around line 370)



case "PAN_NE":

            $oMapNavigator->pan( NORTH_EAST, 0.75 );

            return true;



Where NORTH_EAST is a constant (all other logical directions are also
supported) and 0.75 is the percentage of map width/height to move.


These changes can also be made directly to the application.php file.









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I am using maplab for my works and its very powerful and so good for my
liking. I have found out the the panning is only in the
north/east/south/west directions only. Is there a way of panning in any
direction( like the ones with the hand as icon) or if there is a way to pan

I will really appreciate your help.


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