[maplab-users] Problems zooming in a GML file

publi at infonegocio.com publi at infonegocio.com
Mon Oct 25 07:42:42 EDT 2004

Hi all,
    I'm working with two gml files, one with name of streets and other 
with lines of streets. When i work only showing the name of streets all 
works perfectly doing zooming and panning. If i add the file that 
contain the line of street it show perfectly next to the file with the 
names of street, but i only can do zoomout, if  i do zoomin only obtain 
an error Server message. I've tried changing the Max/Min Scale value in 
web object, but no result. I'll try with only one layer with lines of 
streets in a new mapfile but nothing. What more can i do?????. Thank to all.

    Note: The extent of the lines street file is greater than names 
street file, but both show good together. The problem is only when i do 

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