[Fwd: Re: [maplab-users] links from map to jpg]

Steffen Macke sdteffen at web.de
Thu Sep 2 03:58:13 EDT 2004


I just see now that you've switched back to the
original code you've posted and didn't use my updates:

>                               if (strcasecmp($key, "Long_DD") ==
>       "Long_DD" ||
>                                        strcasecmp($key, "Lat_DD") ==
>       "Lat_DD"||
>                                        strcasecmp($key, "MS_PATH2") ==
>       "MS_PATH2")

This cannot work. strcasecmp() returns a number which can never be equal 
to "Long_DD".
That's why I changed it. As Franck points out, the parentheses also seem 
to be wrong. This
should also have been fixed in my code.
In the original code, $key most probably wasn't initalized probably. I 
tried to fix this.


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