[Fwd: Re: [maplab-users] links from map to jpg]

Steffen Macke sdteffen at web.de
Thu Sep 2 12:36:36 EDT 2004


> My other layers do not have the MS_PATH2 attribute, but they're not
> supposed too since they don't have any photos associated with them.
> If I want their attributes displayed, do they have to have the MS_PATH2
> column?

Not necessarily. You may have to adjust your code. Look at the if statement
for Lat_DD and Long_DD - add additional fields for display to this statement.

There'll be another if statement for the table headers - you'll have to add
the additional fields there as well (if you want table headers displayed).

> What if I don't want certain attributes displayed? E.g. what if I just
> want the MS_PATH2 attribute displayed, and not the Lat_DD and Long_DD
> fields?

Change the if statements accordingly. Eventually you should explain how
much of the statements you understand so that we can help you better
to understand the rest.


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