[maplab-users] Re: [ms4w-users] Data Query Yields No Results

charley cheng chengcharlie2003 at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 16 18:37:12 EDT 2004

Hi! Issac,
I just dowloaded the maplab_ms4w-2.2.
In tutorial.map, only the class (cities) of layer popplace have been given template value, so only the  box drawn around the popplace(cities) will return value. If you put template value ( any value ttt etc) in class of prov_bunday layer, land_fn layer, ..., those features will return attribute information. I tried it,, it worked.
What did the query.phtml say? "The following layers did not return any value? "or just page can not be found, if it were later, you might need to set the internet explore allow the popup window.
ISAAC KWADWO NTI <ikeivy2000 at hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi Charlie,

I have done that but the window that pops up returns no value so I really dont know what is happen whether I have to write a codes to incorporate the dbf files.

Hi! Isaac,
I met the same problem before. When you use the query icon i, draw a squre box around the feature in the map, it will return the value.

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