[maplab-users] Map does not show

Zak James zak-ms at hoppsan.org
Fri Sep 24 19:29:19 EDT 2004


Can you provide an example of a map file that fails? Have you tried 
turning on the error logging in the configuration panel and checking 
the maplab error logs for messages?

Zak James
Applications and Software Development
DM Solutions Group Inc.

On Sep 24, 2004, at 5:39 PM, ISAAC KWADWO NTI wrote:

> Hello,
> I have installed maplab-2.2 and its so wonderful.I have worked with 
> the tutorial data and I really like how it works.
> I have a problem now and that is, any other mapfile that I try opening 
> or working in maplab does not open the map but the legend scale and 
> ROSA works perfectly only the the map does not show.When I work 
> outside maplab with the same files they show the map.
> I would like to know what is the error and if anyone could help 
> me.Thank you very much hoping to hear from you.
> Isaac
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