[maplab-users] doubts in using databases

Gustavo amorim gmamorim at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 13:15:43 EDT 2004

 Well, just for u to know. I am working with the
following distro: Gis - Knoppix (Debian distro,
Knoppix  with mapserver 3.6 and maplab 2.0.rc5
installed). i installed it on my hd and goes right. I
made a test with my maps (shapes) and it worked very
well too, displaying them exactly the way i want. 
 Now i would like to get the information about the
maps or points i click on. The tutorial shows
everything, but i was unable to understand how the
iformation is added and displayed by it.
 Could anyone of the group spend some time and explain
it to me in single words:
 How can i link a database(the kinds) into my maps?

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