[maplab-users] Problem whit MapBrowser

Daniel Ignacio Fernández ventasdannet at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 09:20:52 EST 2005

Hello, I have a problem when I want to use the MapBrowser. For example, if I
add a map to the MapBrowser and work on it and I save it, if I then open it
in Mapedit, I find that some layers are missing. On the other side, some
new objects are added. To make it more clear, if the map have 3 layers, I
open it in  MapBrowser, it continues with the 3 layers, but when I open it
again in Mapedit, two layers are missing  and a metadata empty object has
been added.   Where is the error?

Another question:  which is the specific use that the MapBrowser have in
addition to add remote layers?

thanks to all
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