[maplab-users] continuing jvm problems

joanne cook j.cook at oxfordarch.co.uk
Thu Feb 3 04:18:13 EST 2005

Hi List,
In my continuing quest to try and sort out the problem I (and others) have been having with gmap factory maps not displaying with different jvms, I found out a few more things. To recap- the symptom is that the page loads, says it's loading the map, but then no map displays. The sun java console says:
"Loading map...please wait
Try as PNG
start: Development Version [followed by a date]"
It works fine with the microsoft jvm.
First, updating to the most recent sun jvm didn't help. 
Second, the problem only arises when using gmapfactory- the same map displays in mapbrowser and mapedit preview.
Third, the image isn't created, ie there's no map in the temporary file, but when I view the source of the page and paste the resulting map url into a new browser window the map does display.
Fourth, I've tried replacing the rosa.jar in my gmapfactory application with one that I know works from mapbrowser, and I've tried changing the path to rosa.jar in the code to one that I know works. 
Fifth, I get this problem with both IE6 and Firefox 1
So, given that I don't have the problem using mapbrowser, I'm wondering what the differences are in the way that things are done in gmapfactory- and how I can hack the code to make it work more like mapbrowser. I'm not a java person, or really a webdesigner so I'm a bit out of my depth trying to sort this out myself but I'll happily try anything people can suggest. Any thoughts?
Joanne Cook
Oxford Archaeology North

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