[maplab-users] Re: Linking using maplab

kgrootendorst at baird.com kgrootendorst at baird.com
Wed Feb 9 08:56:51 EST 2005

You have to have a layer with an attribute containing a path to the 
document you want to link to.
Your attribute would be something like 
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white roses <fazira81 at yahoo.com.sg> 
02/09/2005 03:25 AM

kgrootendorst at baird.com

Linking using maplab

Hi.. sorry to disturb you.. i hope that u will help me

It seems in archive mail in maplab user u have posted
something with linking url. But, in my case is
difference from what written there. I do not have
layer contains hyperlinks.. So do you have any idea on

Thank you in advance. 

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