[maplab-users] GMapFactory project generation problem

Willian Rampazzo willianrp at rc.unesp.br
Wed Nov 2 19:15:00 EST 2005

Hello folks,

   I'm done with MapEdit on constructing my map file. When i use the 
"Preview Map" function, it shows me the project
without problems, it looks perfect in the visualization and it works fine.
   When i tryed to use GMapFactory to create the project files, it 
created the files but globprefs.php had some missing values
like the MinX, MinY, MaxX, Max, MAP_WIDTH, MAP_HEIGHT, KEYMAP_WIDTH and 
   I completed it myself but when i try to view the full project on the 
browser using the link that would work it just open
9 layer of 16 that it has and the map just shows me "Loading Map... 
Please wait".
   I double checked the map file and it's fine. If i open the mapfile on 
MapEdit, it shows me all the 16 layers and the "Preview
Map" function works perfect.
   Could anyone help me on it? I would really appreciate.

Thanks in advance,

Willian Rampazzo

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