[maplab-users] GMapFactory project generation problem

Willian Rampazzo willianrp at rc.unesp.br
Thu Nov 3 07:22:44 EST 2005


    I just tryed to create a gmapfactory application using the tutorial 
mapfile and had the same problem, globprefs.php
file had the same missing values.
    About the version of MapServer and packages i'm using, here we go:

    /Apache 1.3.9
    PHP 3.4.5
    MapServer 4.4.0
    Freetype 2.1.10
    GD 2.0.22
    GDAL 1.3.0
    JPEG 6b
    MySQL 4.1.140
    Proj 4.4.9
    Tiff 3.7.4
    LibPNG 1.2.8
    XPM 3.4k
    Everything running under Linux Fedora Core release 4 (Stentz) with 
kernel 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4.

    Thanks again in advance,

Willian Rampazzo

Zak James wrote:

>Are you able to create a gmapfactory application that works from the
>tutorial mapfile? Are you using ms4w?
>Zak James
>Applications and Software Development
>DM Solutions Group Inc.
>On 11/2/05, Willian Rampazzo <willianrp at rc.unesp.br> wrote:
>>Hello folks,
>>   I'm done with MapEdit on constructing my map file. When i use the
>>"Preview Map" function, it shows me the project
>>without problems, it looks perfect in the visualization and it works fine.
>>   When i tryed to use GMapFactory to create the project files, it
>>created the files but globprefs.php had some missing values
>>like the MinX, MinY, MaxX, Max, MAP_WIDTH, MAP_HEIGHT, KEYMAP_WIDTH and
>>   I completed it myself but when i try to view the full project on the
>>browser using the link that would work it just open
>>9 layer of 16 that it has and the map just shows me "Loading Map...
>>Please wait".
>>   I double checked the map file and it's fine. If i open the mapfile on
>>MapEdit, it shows me all the 16 layers and the "Preview
>>Map" function works perfect.
>>   Could anyone help me on it? I would really appreciate.
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Willian Rampazzo
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