[maplab-users] maplab :g map factory error

Ivan Kautter ivankautter at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 12 18:44:30 EDT 2005


I have found that defining the path to the actual GIS data used in the map 
is best when defined relative to the position of the mapfile.  So if the 
mapfile sits in a subfolder under mapedit, for example, then it is easier to 
have the data sitting in a subfolder beneath the mapfile in your file 
structure.  If you did the same thing when creating the mapfile in mapedit 
(defined the path to GIS data relative to the mapfile), then if you merely 
moved the mapfile to another location, for instance, under the gmapfactory 
folder then mapserver won't know where to find your data.  Try creating the 
gmap application by selecting the same mapfile in the same location as you 
used in mapedit.  If this is not the problem you are experiencing, then I am 
not sure what problem you are experiencing.

Ivan Kautter

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:g map factory error</i><br>Date:  <i>Mon, 12 Sep 2005 00:31:51 -0700 
(PDT)</i><br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;hi everyone i have completed using map edit 
but iam<br>&gt;getting errors when i try to build the results using 
g<br>&gt;map factory i am getting the following errors can any<br>&gt;one 
please help, the application is called paste stred<br>&gt;inall the folders 
of the application my map file is<br>&gt;also saved there.or alternatively 
where do one save<br>&gt;the mapfile inorder to use g map 
factory<br>&gt;<br>&gt;on the layout elements customization 
bar<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Warning: [MapServer Error]: loadLayer(): Parsing 
error<br>&gt;near (Land):(line 114) 
line 1298<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Warning: Failed to open map 
line 1298<br>&gt;<br>&gt;and on map 
preview<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Parse error: parse error 
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