[maplab-users] source for dbase.so

seth at vitmap.com seth at vitmap.com
Tue Mar 7 01:34:13 EST 2006


I am attempting to install maplab on a shared hosting site.  The site has 
mapserver and I've successfully set up a basic mapserver application, I've 
also set up a basic ka-map app.  When I've tried to set up maplab and 
chameleon I get the "mysterious" dbase.so error documented elsewhere in 
these lists.  Because of the shared server situation and no possibility of 
recompiling php, I need to included it like we do the mapscripts using dl() 
function.  But where do I get the dbase.so file??!!?? 


Viticulturist / GIS Specialist
Coastal Viticulural Consultants, Inc.
Napa, CA

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