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hrishikesh mahadev hydrohrishi at yahoo.co.in
Sun Sep 10 07:37:57 EDT 2006

Dear all 
  I am very new to Map server and I have a querry related to installation of maplab in windows version. 
  I have downloaded and installed ms4w in C drive, as per installation procedure. Now, to install maplab, i have to first unzip the dowloaded maplab 2.2.1 into ms4w/apps/  and i've done so with this a new folder named maplab is created in apps and a configuration file has to be created in the httpd.d folder as "httpd_maplab.conf " but the problem i'm getting is that every thing has gone as per the instructions except the configuration file which is missing. and so in the url http:/localhost/  the applications part is showing no applications installed. how can this be rectified and maplab be installed. please do give me a solution for this

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