[Mapserver-ottawa] Dynamic Shapes

Gleiner Crivelini gleinerteruel@hotmail.com
Wed, 28 Jan 2004 12:45:45 +0000

<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV class=RTE>
<P><BR><BR></P>Hi list. </DIV>I have a question.&nbsp;&nbsp;I need to create shapes "on-the-fly" and I don't know how to do this i MapServer. 
<P>The use case is: after a selection of an area on the map by the user all the elements inside it, related to the active layer, have to be highlighted or have their color changed. A quadratic shadowed shape drawn arround them should solve the case. Sometimes the shape have to be circular with its radio from the&nbsp;point of the unique item selected previously got: case of one-item selected.</P>
<P>Does anybody can tell me if it's possible and how to do that using MapServer?</P>
<P>Thanks in advance.&nbsp; Best regards,</P>
<P>Gleiner.</P></div><br clear=all><hr>MSN Messenger: converse com os seus amigos online.  <a href="http://g.msn.com/8HMBBRBR/2746??PS=">Instale grátis. Clique aqui. </a> </html>