[Mapserver-ottawa] Volunteering for the Open Source GIS Conference on June 9-11, 2004 @ Carleton University

Jeff McKenna jmckenna@dmsolutions.ca
Tue, 11 May 2004 13:14:49 -0400

Hello MapServer gang,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to send out a short 
request for people to join our volunteer team for the upcoming MapServer 
User Meeting and Open Source GIS Conference in Ottawa June 9th to 11th 
(http://www.omsug.ca/osgis2004/).  I'm sure you're aware of the event 
already, but if you or someone else would like to get involved in the 
event as a volunteer please have them login to the online volunteer 
community at http://soft-t.communityzero.com/ogis2004mum2 (click 
"Join"). By joining the volunteer community you will have access to more 
volunteer details, and your email that you use to join will be used to 
contact you regarding this.  You can also email volunteer questions 
directly to:  volunteer@omsug.ca

Volunteering at the MapServer / Open Source GIS Conference is an 
excellent opportunity to network with GIS industry users and managers, 
as well as learn about Open Source GIS software and its benefits.

thanks everyone.


Jeff McKenna
Volunteer Committee
OSGIS 2004 & MUM 2004