[Mitab] Question about how to determine if there is no geometry.

Кирилл Владимирович Быков BykovKV at mng.slavneft.ru
Fri Aug 31 01:41:13 EDT 2007

Greetings all who takes part in developing such great lib as mitab!

My question is how using mitab_c_api i can determine that there is no geometry at all, I mean, no MAP file but only tab and dat present.
I use Borland C++Builder 5 and lib version i have dounloaded about week ago. My future application is to read MI files and to export it to Oracle.
Also I want to know precision of coords returned, 'cause i will pass it through SQL (or PL/SQL, i've not decided yet) scripts, and want to know whether this idea is good.

Thank in advance to all who will help. Sorry for my awful english.

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