[Mitab] Question about how to determine if there is no geometry.

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Tue Sep 11 08:28:45 EDT 2007

Кирилл Владимирович Быков wrote:
> My question is how using mitab_c_api i can determine that there is no geometry at all, I mean, no MAP file but only tab and dat present.

mitab_c_get_parts() should return 0 if a given feature has no geometry 
(i.e. is of type NONE).

There is no way to find out via the C API whether there is a .MAP file 
or not at the moment. You can only test individual features using 

> Also I want to know precision of coords returned, 'cause i will pass it through SQL (or PL/SQL, i've not decided yet) scripts, and want to know whether this idea is good.

Unfortunately this information is not available via the C API either. 
It's available in the TABMAPHeaderBlock object in the C++ classes but 
not directly accessible via the C API.

Daniel Morissette

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