[Mobile GIS] COM.Geo 2010: Mobile GIS (Microsoft, Oracle, MIT, governments keynotes)

Andrew Clark aclark at com-geo.org
Sat May 15 21:40:57 EST 2010

The 1st International Conference on Computing for Geospatial Research & Application will be held in June 21-23 in Washington DC. The conference schedule has been posted online (http://www.com-geo.org). Nearly 100 speakers from governments, academia, and leading industries, such as Microsoft, Oracle, MIT, Stanford, NASA, USGS, DOT, DOJ, FEMA, and USDA, have contributed the great work to the conference with the latest innovative technologies, such as cloud computing, geosensor and sensor web, spatial data streaming, geospatial visualization, mobile GIS, and location-based services. 

Some governments and industry organizations will be looking for potential collaborators at the conference. Early registration deadline is May 20. For more details see the conference web site: http://www.com-geo.org
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