[ms4w-users] Help with MS4W installation

Paul Spencer
Wed, 05 Nov 2003 09:14:25 -0500

the blank window is expected, it appears as a result of running the 
Apache executable.

I will check the ms4w installer and see if there is a problem with it, 
but we have been using this for a while.

One possibility, you mentioned IIS.  Is it possible that you have IIS 
and Apache running at the same time?  The default configuration for both 
is to listen on port 80, but that can be changed if necessary.

Another possibility:  are you leaving the empty window open, or closing 
it?  You will need to leave it open, or install Apache as a service as 
indicated in the README.txt file.



Stephen Wallace wrote:

> Hello list
> I have attempting to install MS4W
> I initialized the MS4W apache web server by running apache.exe and a 
> blank command window appeared.
> Next to test if apache is running correctly I tried http:/localhost/ and 
> in widows explorer and both came back as unable to find.
> Any suggestions ?
> Thank You
> Stephen Wallace

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