[ms4w-users] URL's to mapserv.exe

Christopher R. Thorne
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 10:25:33 -0500

Yes, I do agree with you on this. I even place this as a bug in maptools 

Hopefully this issue will be address in the next release of ms4w.


Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> In /ms4w/apache/htdocs/index.phtml there are two lines showing the URL 
> to the mapserv executable.  The href, however, points to the executable 
> but without the file extension.  Is that done for a reason, or can I 
> suggest you add the extension in?  If you add it in, then a user can 
> verify that the cgi actually runs whereas now it doesn't really link to 
> anything and throws the usual page cannot be found message.
> Lines 43 and 45 are the ones in question.
> Tyler
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