[ms4w-users] Chameleon docs link out of sync

Tyler Mitchell
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 08:22:56 -0800
<FONT face=3D"Default Sans Serif, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" si=
ze=3D2><P><font face=3D"monospace" size=3D2>&gt;Chameleon Sample Applicatio=
n is separate from the &gt;Chameleon pack.<BR>&gt;This should have been pla=
ced in the ms4w download page.</font></P><P><FONT face=3Dmonospace size=3D2=
>It's on the Chameleon download page, but not the ms4w page.</FONT></P><P><=
FONT face=3Dmonospace size=3D2>&gt;The only thing you may have to do is set=
 up a web Alias &gt;file. (see Attachment, this how my Chameleon is setup).=
</FONT></P><P><FONT face=3Dmonospace size=3D2>Thanks.&nbsp; The alias is al=
ready setup by default, it's just the reference directory wasn't there.&nbs=
p; It is now that I've downloaded the sample app.<BR><BR>Tyler</FONT></P></=

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