[ms4w-users] Chameleon docs link out of sync

Christopher R. Thorne
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 11:47:04 -0500
Tyler Mitchell wrote:

> I wrote just a few minutes ago....
>  > Does a sample application indeed ship with Chameleon 1.1?
No there is no sample application shipped with the Chameleon pack, but 
there is on that you can get on the Chameleon download page. I have 
entered to bugs about this issue.

With Chameleon 1.0.x version there are context files and templates eg. 
gmap_context.xml and test.html, demo.html files found under /htdocs/. 
that can be put together using the service instance url to create sample 

> I know see that a sample app exists but in the older 1.1alpha4 package.  
> Also, I do understand we're dealing with alpha's here, so I hope my 
> comments are constructive and lead to a better beta and aren't so minor 
> they are irritating :)
They are, if anything it confirms things that should be addressed


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