[ms4w-users] First time with MS4w

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Dec 20 19:36:00 EST 2004

Hello Salvador,

MapServer can read DGN files directly (through the OGR library) so there 
is no need to convert...an example layer can be found at:


As for 'where to put the map' I recommend doing the MapLab tutorial and 
then trying to add your own data to that mapfile.

Note that MapServer, Chameleon, and MapLab questions should be sent to 
their associated mailing lists.  thanks.


svidal at sarea.es wrote:
> Well, my name is Salvador Vidal, and i try to learn MS4W this christmas.
>  (Merry christmas  to all)
> I download, and install MS4W, CHAMELEON, and MapLab.
> I have many questions, and now go the first.
> 1 - I have dgn's files.
>      i need convert?  to?
>      How convert the attribute linkage?
> 2 - Where put this map's?
> (I am sorry, but my english isn't very good)
> Thanks
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Jeff McKenna
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