[ms4w-users] help install apache !!

Paul Spencer
Fri, 13 Feb 2004 11:11:15 -0500

ms4w must be installed in c:\, NOT c:\ms4w ... I recommend deleting your 
existing c:\ms4w and starting again.


Dharani Babu wrote:
> Hi all
> I am a new user to ms4w . I extracted the package to c:/ms4w/ms4w/apache 
> and etc . But i tried running apache.exe from command prompt like this
> c:/> ms4w/ms4w/apache/bin/apache.exe but i got the following error .
> ServerRoot must be valid a directory
> Error at line 57 of apache/conf/httpd.conf file :
>  The machine is w2000 and the IIS was running so assuming there is port 
> conflict between IIS and Apache I stopped IIS and tried the same but the 
> same error persists !!! So I changed the httpd.conf file's Listen port 
> from 80 to 8080 but the same problem again !!!
> What is the solution ? and next I saw the folder apache/htdocs and 
> apache/cgi-bin both containing
> files like phpinfo.php , phpinfo_mapscript36.php and 
> phpinfo_mapscript_40.php and the next folder containing mapserv36.exe 
> and mapserv40.exe . So these four files are supposed to be used for 
> customozing our own web  mapping application with MapServer right ? and 
> i dont see any MapServer.dll which is widely talked about by the 
> .. So Is it that the ms4w uses MapScript API s ? What 
> is teh difference between usuing mapserver.dll and mapscript .php ?
> could any one elaborate on this and the general direction i should 
> proceed with ? My ultimate aim is to render maps based on the TIGER 
> files . Could any one shed some light on this ?
> With regards and thanks
> dharani
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