[ms4w-users] Some Links are not working

Isaac Kwadwo Nti ikeivy2000 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 10 16:42:23 EDT 2004


I have installed the ms4w and some applications-chameleon and maplap.When I started the apache and logged onto my localhost the index page appeared but when I was checking the links under the features heading all worked but not the mapserv 4.0 and mapserv 3.6.6.

Also the link for Chameleon 1.0 Service instance url gave an error message that "Fatal Error:Invalid or no access to template(cwc2/htdocs/test.html).The Administration link was working but not the Documentation.

Could anyone help me to resolve this problem since any link that has to use cgi-bin/mapserv 40/........ is not working.Is there a problem with my mapserver software or what.

I really need help

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