[ms4w-users] trouble navigating ms4w directories

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Oct 18 14:54:21 EDT 2004

Hi Jason,

I did some testing to see if I could replicate your problem.  If i open 
a command prompt by using cmd.exe (StartMenu/Run/cmd.exe) I can cd into 
the 'mapserv-utils' and 'ogr-utils' directories.  However if i use 
command.com (StartMenu/Run/command.com) i get your error ('Invalid 
Directory').  I am not a Windows expert, but from what i found out just 
now (http://www.winnetmag.com/Article/ArticleID/39566/39566.html) 
command.com seems to be for older MS-DOS support.  Maybe someone on the 
list with more knowledge of this can help us.  Does cmd.exe work for you 


Jason Hare wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I'm using ms4w_0.9 and have run into a strange problem.  When navigating 
> through the ms4w directories via command prompt, I cannot seem to access 
> the mapserv-utils or the ogr-utils directories inside the tools 
> directory.  I just get "Invalid Directory".  But if I run a dir on the 
> tools folder I can see both the mapserv-utils and ogr-utils as 
> directories?  I've encountered this problem on two seperate machines, a 
> Windows 2000 machine and a Windows XP machine both with the same ms4w 
> version.  I also have the same problem accessing the chameleon 
> directory. Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Any advice?
> Cheers,
> Jason Hare
> GIS Technician
> Centre for Sustainable Watersheds
> P.O. Box 280 Portland ON K0G 1V0
> PHONE: (613) 258 - 8366
> jhare at beer.com
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Jeff McKenna
GIS Specialist
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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