[ms4w-users] Query Map

Normand Savard nsavard at dmsolutions.ca
Sat Sep 25 10:25:51 EDT 2004

Ike Brian wrote:

> Hello,
> I am very new to this software and also not so good in programming 
> codes.I am doing my BSC in geomatics and daring to know more.
> I have written codes for a maptifle but does not know who to query it 
> or better still to view it.How can I view my mapfile.
> Could some one tell me the neccessary steps to take in viewing my map 
> file.
> Thank you very much hoping to hear from any of you.
> Ike

Hi Brian,

I'm not sure your question is addressed to the right list.  The ms4w is 
a package installer used to easily set up an application environment.  
If you are sure your map file is correctly built and you want to know 
how to integrate your map file in ms4w, you are asking your question to 
the right list.  If you know how to do that but you are not sure why 
your map file is not showing or other issues related to map 
functionalities (navigation tools, query, etc) you should address your 
questions to the MapServer mailling list:  MAPSERVER-USERS at LISTS.UMN.EDU.


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