[ms4w-users] Query Map

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Mon Sep 27 08:26:18 EDT 2004


I think that you need to check the map file for the following settings:

imagepath "/ms4w/tmp/ms_tmp/"
imageurl  "/ms_tmp/"

A well-formed map file is not necessarily portable since it contains 
system-specific paths.  The ms4w package uses the above settings.



Ike Brian wrote:
> Thank you for your reply. My mapfile is well built because it is just a 
> copy of the tutorial - "workshop.zip" file - on the mapserver page.
> I was just trying to use it in ms4w to learn more about using 
> mapserver.But all the other items show only the Legend,Scale and Map is 
> not showing.I dont know whether I have to acitvate something.I really 
> think that the I have to activate the images.
> Please do you have any idea on how to let all the images show?
> Thank you very much. 
> */Normand Savard <nsavard at dmsolutions.ca>/* wrote:
>     Ike Brian wrote:
>      > Hello,
>      > I am very new to this software and also not so good in programming
>      > codes.I am doing my BSC in geomatics and daring to know more.
>      > I have written codes for a maptifle but does not know who to
>     query it
>      > or better still to view it.How can I view my mapfile.
>      > Could some one tell me the neccessary steps to take in viewing my
>     map
>      > file.
>      > Thank you very much hoping to hear from any of you.
>      > Ike
>     Hi Brian,
>     I'm not sure your question is addressed to the right list. The ms4w is
>     a package installer used to easily set up an application environment.
>     If you are sure your map file is correctly built and you want to know
>     how to integrate your map file in ms4w, you are asking your question to
>     the right list. If you know how to do that but you are not sure why
>     your ! map file is not showing or other issues related to map
>     functionalities (navigation tools, query, etc) you should address your
>     questions to the MapServer mailling list: MAPSERVER-USERS at LISTS.UMN.EDU.
>     Normand
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