[ms4w-users] MS4W, GDAL/OGR and Oracle Spatial

Luciano Lovate Fardin luciano at inflor.com.br
Tue Aug 23 14:57:25 EDT 2005


we're using MS4W v1.2.1, and we have recompiled GDAL library v1.2.6 to 
support Oracle Spatial. The connection with Oracle works fine and all 
features were displayed without any problem. The problem happens only 
when we try to use the "Query" function in Mapserver. In that case, 
Oracle returns to Mapserver the correct data, but in screen the data 
shown belongs to another feature than the selected one, when anything is 
shown. In most cases, nothing returns...
We tried also to recomplie GDAL v1.3.0, but it seens MS4W v1.2.1 doesn't 
support this version...

does anyone have any idea to solve this problem?

Luciano Lovate Fardin
Analista Desenvolvedor
INFLOR Consultoria e Sistemas Ltda.
Email: luciano at inflor.com.br
Tel: +55 (27) 2122-0888 - Ramal: 854

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