[ms4w-users] MS4W, GDAL/OGR and Oracle Spatial

Luciano Lovate Fardin luciano at inflor.com.br
Wed Aug 24 14:58:41 EDT 2005

Hi Frank,

in fact, when i run ogrinfo to check my tables, the feature ids were not 
correctly recognized. So i have made some changes on those tables and 
the problem with ogrinfo was solved.
But still when i run a spatial query in my map, all layers that are 
shapefiles have their info returned, except the only layer I try to use 
If you have any other info to tell me, i'd be thankfull.


Luciano Lovate Fardin
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Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> On 8/23/05, Luciano Lovate Fardin <luciano at inflor.com.br> wrote:
>>All tables belonging to our geodatabase have their primary keys defined..
> Luciano, 
> Are they all simple integers (and single fields)?  Are they getting
> mapped to be the FID by OGR (check an ogrinfo report).  The
> most common source of problems with MapServer query support
> through OGR is that if OGR does not identify something intrinsic
> in the record to use as the FID (an integer primary key) they
> it will fallback to assigning sequential FIDs.  But these FIDs will
> not mean anything if/when mapserver tries to fetch the query
> results.  
> So it is imperative that things be setup such that the FID is
> dependably associated with particular records, regardless of
> what filter query is in place.  
> Best regards,

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