[ms4w-users] Does the ms4w version support PHP 5

Greg Ursel greg at urselconsulting.ca
Thu Jun 30 01:19:19 EDT 2005

I have installed ms4w 1.2.1 on a clean Windows 2000 Server. I check 
the phpinfo after the install and everything worked ok. I then tried to 
upgrade the PHP to PHP 5.0.4 however now I can't get 
php_mapscript_44.dll or php_mapscript_46.dll to load. I have tried 
loading PHP as a cgi and as a module (different errors same effect).

What versions of PHP does the mapscript in ms4w 1.2.1 support ?
Is there a version that will support PHP 5 (I would like to run 


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