[ms4w-users] the simple solution has eluded me

Richard Taylor rtaylor at cove.com
Tue Mar 15 19:22:43 EST 2005

Hello list members-

have installed ms4w 4.4.0 and have steadily increased 
additions of 'my own' vector and raster layers, getting
the feel of it with primarily only previous experience 
with esriworld (but not IMS) and with the Univ Kansas
'flat earth' javascript WMS client.

at this point am serving my layers from localhost to the 
Javascript client and getting images that are correctly
displayed in geographic space however a simple line shapefile
is rendered with a grey background across the entire image
extent. must be in good company, or at least sharing bad
habits with good company in that the 'global_mosaic' layer
from the JPL WMS server also has this grey background where
ever there is no data.

have searched the documentation but unsuccessfully to date.
What is the best way of setting background of MS output
to transparent?

thanks in advance

Richard Taylor

my current version of the flat earth WMS javascript client
can be seen at http://www.seascallop.com/COOA_660.html
or any of the larger sizes linked at the bottom of that page


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