[ms4w-users] MS4W MrSID Plugin

Frank Warmerdam fwarmerdam at gmail.com
Wed May 4 13:55:16 EDT 2005


I successfully prepared and tested MrSID Plugin support with MS4W 1.0.1
on behalf of a client.   It works fine though I had to do a wee bit of hacking
to get the latested GDAL MrSID code compiled with GDAL 1.2.5 used
in MS4W. 

If anyone needs this I could prepare an MS4W 1.0.1 compiled zip, though
you would still need to download the MrSID SDK separately. 

My approach was to:

 o Build a GDAL plugin for the driver for the corresponding version of
    GDAL (1.2.5) which produced a "gdal_MrSID.dll". 

 o Dump that into C:\ms4w\gdalplugins

 o Download the Lizardtech DLL and dump into C:\ms4w\apache\cgi-bin

 o Add "SetEnv GDAL_DRIVER_PATH \MS4W" to the httpd.conf.

I could have tried replacing the whole GDAL12.DLL with a 1.2.5
build that included MrSID support but I was worried about breaking 
other things. 

It would be kind of nice if the MS4W package had the C:\MS4W\gdalplugins
directory "out of the box" in the future, along with the GDAL_DRIVER_PATH
setting.  If Assefa was feeling ambitious he could even build the MrSID
plugin and distribute it in C:\MS4W\gdalplugins\ignored.  Then folks who
want to use it could just download the Lizardtech DLLs themselves, 
and then move the plugin DLL up one level.

Best regards,
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