[ms4w-users] problem while changing MS4W version

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Oct 6 13:20:36 EDT 2005


If you were using MS4W 1.0.3 and tried to upgrade with the 'MapServer 
version 4.6.1 Upgrade' package you will have problems.  This upgrade is 
for MS4W versions of 1.1 and newer.

I recommend that you install a full MS4W 1.2.2 and then move your 
applications from your old 1.0.3 folders into the 1.2.2 folders.


Sistema de Información y Planificación Ambiental wrote:
> Hi there
> I have a .MAP file which worked flawlessly in MS4W 1.03 over win XP. When I
> tried to upgrade MS4w version to 1.2.2 I receive an Internal Server Error
> 500. I tested the map file with shp2img and it didn´t work as well, but it
> did in 1.0.3.
> Editing the phpmapscript code to find out what happened, I realized that the
> error comes up when I move from php_mapscript_42.dll to php_mapscript_44.dll
> or greater.
> What´s wrong?
> Thanks in advance.

Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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