[ms4w-users] Resolution of SWF (good mail)

svidal at sarea.es svidal at sarea.es
Mon Jan 23 04:03:23 EST 2006

I am very happy.
Bit a bit i get the project.
(Pardon, My English, it's not very weel)

I want to send to flash the cartograpy of all a town (in a time), and in
flash, zoom out, in and pan, without connection to the server.

(The first time is a lot of information, but no more)

Ok, but I have a doubt.
The "resolution" that i give to the movie clip.
   MAP SIZE 500, 500
   MAP EXTEND 600000 700000 602000 702000

B) A MAP MORE BIG WHIT the same coordinates (I better resolution in SWF)
   MAP SIZE 2000, 2000
   MAP EXTEND 600000 700000 602000 702000

   and scale in flash?
   I think that no, , and the resolution is the same,
   but i need a response qualified.

Understand me?

Many thanks.

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