[ms4w-users] force_2d - PostGIS-function - - - Struggling to migrate ms4w project to linux plattform

Frank.Gottsmann at sbg.ac.at Frank.Gottsmann at sbg.ac.at
Sat Jul 8 13:07:01 EDT 2006

Hi out there,


we are having problems to migrate a nice little running mapserver
project from ms4w into Linux environment (RedHat Fedora 5).

BUT - Some functions don't want to run in the new environment as they
did under the old one - - -and we have no clue why not:


ERROR: function force_2d(character varying) does not exist.


We assume, that this function is somehow responsible for the interplay
UMN - Postgres/Postgis DB, where our geometries are stored.

We don't know why this function can't be identified (found) - cause she
obviously exists in our PostgresDB (function list)!


Some hints to overcome this problem?


Best regards from Salzburg and

Thank you very much!




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