[ms4w-users] MapServer compiled with libcurl for SSL

Chip Taylor work at xwb.com
Wed Jul 12 11:39:29 EDT 2006

  I can't open our WFS server to the public, but I'd be happy to test it for
you in house if you want to send me the code.

Chip Taylor
Prepared Response, Inc

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It sounds like it should be possible to have libcurl with SSL included 
in the next MS4W (if other users see a reason to not enable this please 
speak up, as I am not an expert with that protocol).  However I'd need a 
good test url for this...Chip can you suggest one for testing?

(i suppose i could configure my own apache for this, but that just seems 
like a lot unwanted pain)


Chip Taylor wrote:
> I am using MapServer CGI from ms4w 2.0.  However, when I try to access a
> server that is running under SSL I get the following error:
> HTTP: request failed with curl error code 1 (libcurl was built with SSL
> disabled, https: not supported!
> Is there a possibility of getting libcurl compiled with SSL enabled for
> ms4w?  Thank you.
> Chip Taylor
> Prepared Response, Inc

Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc.
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