[ms4w-users] MS4W testing with ArcSDE/MSSQL as map source

Dave McCann mccann.dave at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 11:46:37 EDT 2006

Hey list...
Gotta quick question,
I'm trying to test mapserver performance with ArcSDE and selected ms4w 1.5.4
as the host source.
Can anyone give some ideas what would be the best way to set it up? 
Is MS4W 1.5.4 compiled to work with ArcSDE?
Which additional app would be the best client to use? Ka-map, Chameleon,
I tried to get it to work with all three but have unsuccessful (beating my
head against the wall).
Probably something simple like the .map file. Not for sure though.
Is there an example of a fully configured map config file for an ArcSDE map
source with any of the listed apps?
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