[ms4w-users] FIST 4 MS4W module created

Aaron Koning aaronkoning at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 15:17:39 EST 2006

Hi All,

A Flexible Internet Spatial Template (FIST ->
http://datashare.gis.unbc.ca/fist/) package has now been created for MS4W (
http://www.maptools.org/ms4w/). Unzip the FIST-MS4W into c:\ms4w\apps and
follow the directions in c:\ms4w\apps\fist\install.txt. This package also
contains the FIST-Admin interface for editing FIST XML files, as well as, a
preconfigured FIST site with sample data.

Download the FIST-MS4W at:

Thanks for your time,

|  Aaron Koning
|  Information Technologist
|  Prince George, BC, Canada.
|  http://datashare.gis.unbc.ca/fist/
|  http://datashare.gis.unbc.ca/gctp-js/
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