[ms4w-users] Mapserver broken? ms4w 1.5.2

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed May 10 12:00:41 EDT 2006

aren't we already defeating the purpose by putting all the dlls  
inside the ms4w folder?  The idea of ms4w is to distribute a set of  
binaries that all work together regardless of what else might be  
installed on the system (for instance some other copy of gdal.dll  
gets installed into system32 by some other application)

I think these files must to be distributed with ms4w inside the ms4w  
so we don't overwrite newer system files but we ensure that we are  
distributing a complete package.

The alternative is to offer a separate download/instructions if you  
are missing those files.  I believe an automated installer would  
accomplish this, but in the zip file world we don't have a lot of choice


On 10-May-06, at 11:47 AM, Daniel Morissette wrote:

> Jeff McKenna wrote:
>> As a side note, while looking into that problem, I discovered that  
>> what seemed like 'older' windows machines always lacked 2 dll  
>> files - msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll.  My understanding now is that  
>> these are the microsoft runtime libraries required, and are part  
>> of the .NET v1.1 framework package.  These 2 dlls are now included  
>> in ms4w 1.5.3, in the /Apache/cgi-bin/ folder, in case the machine  
>> you are using does not have these files.
> Is it really a good idea to includes these DLLs in the default MS4W  
> package?
> My fear is that on systems where those DLLs are present, they may  
> have been updated to a more recent version by Windows Update (or  
> some other Microsoft software install) and the older MS4W copy of  
> the DLLs would be used instead. Probably not a huge deal, but that  
> defeats the purpose of DLLs.
> Daniel
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