[ms4w-users] Mapserver broken? ms4w 1.5.2

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Wed May 10 12:02:17 EDT 2006

It is possible that it could create problems.  But for now I'd like to 
see if this helps new users on those systems.

And my experience is that most users do not read the docs and download 
the missing dlls.


Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Is it really a good idea to includes these DLLs in the default MS4W 
> package?
> My fear is that on systems where those DLLs are present, they may have 
> been updated to a more recent version by Windows Update (or some other 
> Microsoft software install) and the older MS4W copy of the DLLs would be 
> used instead. Probably not a huge deal, but that defeats the purpose of 
> DLLs.
> Daniel

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