[ms4w-users] msEvalRegex(): Regular expression error. String () failed expression test.

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Oct 26 10:05:14 EDT 2006

Can you maybe copy the problem layer from the mapfile and paste it into 
this message?  Maybe we'll see something in the layer's expression.


Anthony Gangemi wrote:
> Hi MS4W Users,
> This is my first question to the mailing list and after my foray into 
> MS4W, I've now hit my first major stumbling block. My system 
> configuration is Windows XP Pro (SP2), MS4W v1.5.5 with MapLab 2.2.1 and 
> Chameleon 2.4 add-on packages. This base installation works well. 
> I'm currently doing the exercises from Bill Kropla's book "Beginning 
> MapServer: Open Source GIS Development". Whilst this book has a slant 
> towards Unix\Linux systems, I can easily make the slight adjustments in 
> the HTML templates and mapfiles to suit the Windows file system.  Things 
> like the need to include absolute file paths etcetera. I've been able to 
> use Bill's source code in the book and so far I've achieved success in 
> running the chapter 2 and 3 application examples. They are are fairly 
> simple exercises that complement the concepts discussed in the early 
> chapters of this book.
> Now I'm at Chapter 4 of the book and I'm trying to execute it's 
> application example. After making some adjustments to the source code, I 
> strike this error message which is returned to the browser (using IE6).
> msEvalRegex(): Regular expression error. String () failed expression test.
> It looks to be stumbling over an issue with Regular Expressions in the 
> mapfile and I cannot see the problem at this stsge.  Hopefully somebody 
> else has experienced this problem and can provide a solution and/or 
> guidance.
> As a reference, all the source files and map layer's I'm using is listed 
> below. 
> Beginning MapServer --> the book's sample application source-code:
> _http://www.apress.com/ApressCorporate/supplement/1/443/1590594908-2868.zip_ 
> Chapter 4
> Original Source Code    --> 
> _http://www.usq.edu.au/users/gangemia/mapserver/Chapter4_Code_Original.zip_
> My Adjusted Source code --> 
> _http://www.usq.edu.au/users/gangemia/mapserver/Chapter4_Code_Adjusted.zip_
> MapLayer Source: _http://nationalatlas.gov/atlasftp.html_
> citiesx020.tar.gz --> 
> _http://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/data/nationalatlas/citiesx020.tar.gz_
> roadtrl020.tar.gz --> 
> _http://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/data/nationalatlas/roadtrl020.tar.gz_
> statesp020.tar.gz --> 
> _http://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/data/nationalatlas/statesp020.tar.gz_
> hydrogm020.tar.gz --> 
> _http://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/data/nationalatlas/hydrogm020.tar.gz_
> urbanap020.tar.gz --> 
> _http://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/data/nationalatlas/urbanap020.tar.gz_
> Regards,
> Tony Gangemi
> University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia
> Faculty of Engineering and Surveying
> Email: gangemia[at]usq.edu.au

Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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