[ms4w-users] New User... Question about running ms4w on CD

Ruairi ODonnell lapido at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 07:00:43 EDT 2006


I'm a new user so sorry if this is a silly question!  I've search the
archive and I don't see an answer to my question....so here it is:

I'm working on a mapping project that requires an online and offline
Map viewer.  The online version will probably use MapServer with all
the beels and whistles (once I figure them out!).

My concern is about the offline version.  The PCs are locked down to
the point that I can install any new software on Windows.  So, the
solution that I'd like is that the user inserts the Map CD and
automatically the Web server and briwser startup and it runs without
copying anything to the harddisk.  Is this possible with ms4w?  DO any
of the apps in ms4w write to the disk?  If so can I reconfigure it to
no write or change the location to the windows temp folder?

I know how to get it to autorun and startup the server and browser.
My worry is about the CD being read-only.

Thanks in advance!
-Ruairi O'Donnell
Rutland Systems SA
50 Lapido
Ames 15228
Tel:    0034 981 897749
Mob:  0034 658 801022
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